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Jan 28, 2018  
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Selecting Vital Factors For

Red Carpet Fashion Post Weinstein

As if that kind of coverage would otherwise be too fluffy or shallow to indulge in “in these times.” As if enjoying the fashion on a red carpet is just plain vapid , as Megan Garber asserts at The Atlantic. As if we, women, can’t appreciate a good dress (or cheer for an actress who clearly feels good in hers) and listen to that same actress speak out about the systemic sexism and racism plaguing her industry. Fashion, and the ways in which women have used it, has always been worthy of rigorous, smart reporting. (Look no further than Robin Givhan's Pulitzer-prize winning coverage of Michelle Obama's style for evidence of that.) In part because women have not always been able to use their voices so freely, clothes have long served as a way to make a statement: consider the Suffragettes in white (and later Hillary Clinton signaling their efforts with her own all-white pants suit at the DNC ), Black Panthers in militaristic garb and Afros , or Latinx women in quinceañera dresses on the steps of the Texas State Capitol to protest an immigration enforcement law . But that doesn't mean we can't revel in fashion, too. And on over the coming months, that’s what we’ll do. We will report on what this black dress red carpet protest looks and sounds like, and reflect on its success. (The Times’ Jenna Wortham makes a great point about the incredible privilege of this kind of protest .) We will be closely following the nominations, watching for recognition for the work that women do behind the camera as well as in front of it. And we will still find occasion to celebrate the designers, stylists, and makeup artists who work hard to make beautiful things. At the Atlantic, Gerber writes that it would be a “dereliction of duty” for red carpet reporters to ask stars about “sequins and Spanx.” To be sure, the red carpet has an ugly tradition of focusing on the superficial when women walk down it, and it can serve as a platform to speak about more.

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'Weirdly enough, I got into sports and it really helped with confidence. Then I realised there were a lot of advantages of being tall and different,' she said. 'I was able to play basketball, netball and tennis. I excelled at accepting my height and I learning to love and embracing it.' With hardly any options around for clothes, Natalie started sewing her own clothes (pictured wearing her brand's Boyfriend Blazer $154.99) When she moved to Australia in 2013, she noticed there was no clothes options for tall women Using her struggles with finding clothes that fit, Natalie has launched her own clothing brand Height of Fashion With hardly any options around for clothes, Natalie started sewing her own garments, including two gowns for her school's leaving ball. 'I learned to make my own clothes,' she said. 'I sewed a leaving ball gown when I was 16 and another one at 18.' But after leaving school, finding clothes proved to be difficult. 'I would go to bridesmaids shop and there would be no dress for someone who is 6"3'. Every dress I tried on would look frumpy on me,' she recalled. When she moved to Australia in 2013, she noticed there were hardly any clothing options for tall women. 'I saw how little clothes options were here in Australia,' she said. 'Stores across America, Europe and the UK have options but there was not much shipment to Australia.

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